Our main goal is to provide customers with the highest quality meats and deli products that meet strict regulations. That's why we meticulously control the raw materials at every stage of production. The quality of ZM Karol is also confirmed by BRC and IFS quality certifications, which best reflect the work we put into quality development.

The exceptional taste and traditional aroma of our products are also attributed to our commitment to environmental care. We believe that the high quality of our products is connected to the microclimate present in the Natura 2000 area.

We have also chosen to invest in advanced machinery that helps us minimize our impact on the environment. A prime example is the ecological wastewater treatment plant and photovoltaic farm that we have built.

We continuously strive to develop ourselves and ensure compliance with all legal standards and customer expectations.

Ecological Production

We prioritize responsible and ecological production. From the very beginning, this has been crucial for us as our company is located in the Natura 2000 area, near the Bug River in the Lublin region. This has an undeniable impact on the unique microflora present in our facilities.

We take a comprehensive approach to environmental care, utilizing modern machinery, traditional recipes, natural spices, and most importantly, selecting meat from suppliers who prioritize humane animal rearing.

One of our most important goals is to create a company with minimal impact on the natural environment. That's why we have our own wastewater treatment plant and a modern photovoltaic farm that supplies renewable energy to part of our facility. But our eco-friendly efforts don't stop there - we prioritize product packaging that is recyclable.

An exemplary demonstration of responsible action is our Podlasie Line, which symbolizes natural flavors and ecological production. Products from this line are free from chemical additives and flavor enhancers, allowing you to experience the quality that ZM Karol is renowned for with every bite of sausage, meat, or deli product.

Traditional Polish Flavors

ZM Karol products represent the highest quality meat products that will delight even the most discerning connoisseurs. Our range includes aromatic bacon, exquisite sausages, juicy hams, and excellent pork chops. The unique taste and aroma of these products result from the use of traditional recipes and our determination to limit artificial preservatives.

What sets the quality of ZM Karol apart? It is undoubtedly the traditional recipes of our meat products. We also use the best ingredients - carefully selected and subjected to rigorous quality controls. We also ensure that our products are free from artificial colors, phosphates, or monosodium glutamate. As a result, our products are a true delight for the taste buds, appreciated by all lovers of traditional flavors.

Carefully Selected Meat

At ZM Karol, we place great emphasis on selecting the raw materials used in the production of our deli products. That's why we have decided that the majority of our raw materials will come exclusively from Poland.

We also collaborate with local suppliers because we know that in Podlasie, the well-being and health of animals, as well as ecological farming, are of utmost importance. Our partners run responsible businesses, and we trust that we can rely on them.