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Quality is our priority

At ZM Karol, we prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering meat and deli products that stand out for their excellent quality. That's why we scrupulously control every stage of production to ensure that we offer you delicious, aromatic products made to the highest standards.

We are aware of the growing expectations regarding the quality and safety of food, so we strive to meet our customers' demands. The best confirmation of this is our BRC and IFS quality certifications.

As Karol Meat Plant, we also care about the natural environment, which is why we continuously work on improving our production processes. Our goal is to minimize the impact of production on the environment. Our flagship product, the boiled white sausage, is an excellent example of high-quality products. Its original recipe and careful preparation have earned it numerous certifications and awards, highlighting its excellence.

Continuous pursuit of development

At ZM Karol, we constantly strive for development and seek new production possibilities to meet the growing expectations of consumers. That's why we have been systematically expanding our production facility for years and investing in the modernization of our machinery. As a result, our production capacity keeps increasing. Soon, we will be able to meet the growing demand for our meat products with an additional 200 tons per month.

We also invest in expanding our machinery park, acquiring new packaging machines, and modernizing our hygiene department. This ensures that our products are safe and meet all quality standards.

At Karol Meat Plant, we also invest in renewable energy, as evidenced by our modern photovoltaic farm.

Employees are the heart of ZM Karol

Since its inception, ZM Karol has been a family-owned company. We value the fact that each of our employees feels responsible for the company's development. Currently, our team consists of approximately 250 people. It is their efforts, daily dedication, experience, and knowledge that make our products stand out with their traditional taste and exquisite aroma, beloved by customers from all over the world.

Production workers, processing specialists, quality controllers, logisticians, and many other people are responsible for the high quality of our meat and deli products. Together, we ensure that ZM Karol products find their way to tables in Poland and other parts of the world.

ZM Karol – the heart of Podlasie

ZM Karol is a company whose heart beats in Podlasie. Our company is located in a picturesque area, and our production takes place in harmony with the beautiful nature. The surrounding areas belong to the Natura 2000 network, and the local flora makes our products even more exceptional. With every bite, you will feel our everlasting love for this region.

We not only take advantage of the natural assets of Podlasie but also strive to give back as much as possible. We actively promote the region by collaborating with local suppliers who also thrive in preserving the surrounding areas.

Our Podlasie Line is the best confirmation of our love for these lands. These products are not just a sentimental journey into traditional meat and deli flavors; they are above all wonderful aromas, exquisite spices, and original products from ZM Karol.

"KAROL" Meat Processing Plant

"KAROL" Meat Processing Plant is a family-owned company with traditions. The main activities of the company include the butchering and cutting of pork and poultry, as well as the production of processed meat products such as sausages, smoked meats, delicatessen, offal products, and poultry items. With the aim of satisfying our customers, we strive to improve in every aspect of our operations, starting from the production of our meats and deli products, through quality control policies, and all the way to logistics and distribution network

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