The best confirmation of the high quality of our products are the certificates we have obtained over the years. We can boast certifications that emphasize compliance with applicable regulations during the production process, but most importantly, certifications that highlight the exceptional taste and quality of our products. We constantly monitor and improve our machinery to ensure that excellent meat and cold cuts end up on your table – in accordance with the strict rules of various organizations.

ZM Karol's History - Milestones

  • developed according to traditional recipes,

  • produced from carefully selected meat,

  • free from unnecessary preservatives and flavor enhancers,

  • perfect for grilling, Sunday dinners, or breakfast for the whole family.

Quality certified by certificates

We regularly acquire new certificates that best highlight the quality of our offerings. Feel free to familiarize yourself with ZM Karol's certificates!


The IFS certificate is confirmation of international standards issued by the Global Food Safety Initiative. It primarily guarantees excellent quality and food safety. It is awarded only to companies that can meet strict requirements. Therefore, we proudly announce that as ZM Karol, we have ensured high standards at all stages of processing. Thanks to the IFS certificate, we can assure our customers that:

  • all production stages in our meat plant comply with international standards and legal requirements set by IFS;

  • the products we offer are safe for consumption.


Another certificate held by ZM Karol is HACCP, which provides the best confirmation of the implementation of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System. This gives our customers the assurance that we comply with waste management regulations throughout all production stages. We also control the presence of potential allergens, as well as physical, chemical, and microbiological hazards. This ensures that our customers receive fully safe products.


The BRC certificate is another certification for ZM Karol, confirming the compliance of our products with international food safety standards. This applies not only to compliance with norms and high standards during meat and cold cuts production but also to logistics, the use of appropriate packaging, and more. Thanks to this certificate, our customers can be confident that we have taken care of selecting safe packaging that preserves the excellent taste and aroma of our products for even longer.

Do you want to buy only the highest quality meat? Then choose our products, which are certified by the QAFP certificate. The Guaranteed Food Quality System was developed by the Union of Meat Industry Producers and Employers, an organization that brings together companies operating in the meat industry.



As ZM Karol, we proudly announce that we have obtained the QAFP certificate. This is the best confirmation that our products meet stringent requirements and undergo control at every stage of production. This attention to detail, evidenced by the QAFP food certificate, ensures that our assortment stands out with exceptional taste qualities.

The Halal certificate possessed by ZM Karol confirms the compliance of our products with the standards of the Muslim culture. The meat is obtained through ritual slaughter and also meets the requirements concerning the production, packaging, and storage processes. We operate with respect for the culture of other nations, and the Halal certificate is the best confirmation of that.