Thin sausages

A unique family recipe gives our sausages an inimitable taste, truly one of a kind. Thanks to an adequate amount of handpicked spices and carefully selected meats they perfectly meet Polish consumers’ taste. Excellent quality for any occasion!

Dried sausages

KAROL brand’s cult snack stick dried sausages have been very popular among our customers for years. What distinguishes us is a refined flavor composition, high meatiness and long drying process. […]

White steamed sausage Special

White steamed sausage is our brand’s specialty. A unique family recipe gives it an inimitable taste, truly one of a kind. With KAROL’s white steamed sausage every dish will have […]

Master Jan’s sausage

Silesian sausage extra

Toruńska sausage extra

Wojciech’s sausage

Sausage from the valley

Barbecue sausage extra

Sausage from stick

Leader among thin sausages on the market. It has a delightful traditional taste and is prepared in a sophisticated manufacturing process.

Sausage from the oven

Traditional short sausage

Uncle stach’s sausage

Sausage from smokehouse

Traditional sausage