Smoked meats loins

Delicious cold meats, one of a kind, absolutely indispensable on Polish tables. A perfectly selected mix of spices and the variety of products enrich the daily menu.

Polędwica wiśniowa

Salmon sirloin extra

Salmon sirloin

Our salmon sirloin will certainly meet your taste. It is a perfect idea for a starter or just a sandwich! It has a slightly salty taste and a specific intense […]

Polędwica sopocka

Polędwica sopocka extra

Rolled loin

Shepherd’s loin

Hetman’s loin

Schab królewski

Master Jan’s loin

Monk’s loin

Loin in net

Wojciech’s loin

Loin from the valley

An absolute must-taste for each amateur of juicy and crispy cold meats. The taste of the highest quality meat is perfectly intensified thanks to a composition of aromatic spices and […]

Schab z liściem

Schab z prodiża

White loin

Loin from the smokehouse