Bacon is a KAROL brand’s strategic product and it is not without reason that it is very popular among the customers. It is a high quality bacon offering delicacy and crispiness. Its uniqueness originates from carefully selected raw materials and unusual mix of spices. A real masterpiece!

Extra bacon

Steamed bacon prepared from selected raw material. Its unique taste is a result of our many-year experience and a rigorous steaming process. The delicacy of this bacon will certainly enrich […]

Extra bacon strips

High quality bacon offering delicacy and crispiness. Because of its size it is often chosen by our customers as a perfect ingredient to prepare sandwiches, scrambled eggs or spaghetti carbonara.

Boczek podlaski

Skinless extra bacon

Extra bacon slices 1 kg

Stuffed bacon

Monk’s bacon

Bacon for real connoisseurs. Its unique taste is a result of carefully selected spices, where the main role is played by garlic. High meatiness and specific taste win Polish customers’ […]

Barbecue bacon

Rolled bacon

KAROL brand’s bestseller prepared from carefully selected raw material in order to meet the expectations of our most demanding customers. 94% meatiness and low fat content allow us to differentiate […]

Baked bacon

Buttery bacon

Smoked raw bacon

Paraboiled smoked bacon

Smoked raw bacon strips

Bacon from the valley

Bacon strips

Pressed bacon