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Bacon is a KAROL brand’s strategic product and it is not without reason that it is very popular among the customers. It is a high quality bacon offering delicacy and crispiness. Its uniqueness originates from carefully selected raw materials and unusual mix of spices. A real masterpiece!

Smoked meats

Delicate hams with an exquisite taste that will meet expectations of the most demanding consumers. Excellent choice for sandwiches or as an addition to various recipes. Hams masterfully prepared!

Smoked meats loins

Delicious cold meats, one of a kind, absolutely indispensable on Polish tables. A perfectly selected mix of spices and the variety of products enrich the daily menu.

Thin sausages

A unique family recipe gives our sausages an inimitable taste, truly one of a kind. Thanks to an adequate amount of handpicked spices and carefully selected meats they perfectly meet Polish consumers’ taste. Excellent quality for any occasion!

Thick sausages

In a wide offer of sausages everyone will find something to suit their taste. Our bestseller is krakowska dry sausage prepared according to a traditional recipe – without gluten or phosphates addition. A selection of the best quality spices and long drying process make the sausage full of flavor and aroma.

Other products

KAROL company does not stop at standard products. In our offer you will find everything you could wish for.

Poultry products

A new line of KAROL brand’s products – created to satisfy the expectations of the market. Cold meats prepared from fresh chicken with a delicate taste and low fat content. Perfect for sandwiches and salads - make sure you try it!